I write about the theory and practice of building elegant, correct software using functional programming. Most of my writing is about PureScript and Haskell, as I use these languages professionally.

Introducing Halogen Hooks

Hooks are a new approach to stateful logic in Halogen. Hooks are a better alternative to higher-order and renderless components, and they offer a more convenient way to write many ordinary Halogen components.

Practical Profunctor Lenses & Optics In PureScript

Profunctor lenses and optics are among the most rewarding tools in PureScript. Armed with a handful of types and functions, you can manipulate even complex data structures with minimal effort.

How to Write PureScript React Components to Replace JavaScript

PureScript helps reduce bugs and improve the stability of complex applications. Learn how to incrementally take over a small React application using Purescript's React Basic library while writing idiomatic code in both languages.